VANATS Poster Presentations


Call for Poster Presentations

VA NATS Conference and Student Auditions

February 24th and 25th, 2017

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Submission Dates:  We will receive submissions from

December 12th, 2016 through January 20th, 2017

VANATS active members in good standing and students are invited to submit proposals for special sessions to be presented at the newly structured 2017 VANATS Conference and Student Auditions. Proposed poster presentations should appeal to both STUDENTS and TEACHERS.  Proposals will be selected by the VANATS Proposal Review Committee.  All proposals MUST be submitted via email to all three of the following: Alison Rizzuto, Katheryn Hearden, and Kevin McMillan

Note: Presenters must be registered for the 2017 VANATS Conference and Student Auditions.  They will be required to provide their own materials (handouts, etc) and will be responsible for any travel and lodging, as needed. Presentations should be related to the voice and voice-related issues. Examples would include: vocal repertoire, acoustics of sound, training specific voice types, pedagogical issues in the studio, etc.

The following items will be required as part of the application process via email:

  • Name and e-mail of one active NATS member we may contact who may verify your expertise in the area you are proposing.
  • A PDF document of a narrative describing the poster in detail (2-page maximum)
  • Poster Presentation Title
  • Presenter Name
  • Employer/University
  • Email
  • Cell Phone
  • Mailing Address
  • Other Phone
  • Website
  • Presenter Bio (maximum of 150 words)
  • Headshot

***Please note that this is different from the Mid-Atlantic Poster Presentations, although you may apply to both***

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