VANATS Clinician will be Damian Perkins


Damian Perkins has been honored to be a critically acclaimed, award-winning singer, filmmaker & Broadway/TV/Film actor. He has brought his skills to the television/movie and theater industry, with so much passion as a director and producer, as well as mentor to many successful careers and projects. He’s also had the privilege of running several prominent Musical Theater Performing groups and has trained hundreds of students over his professional career, which spans more than 20 years.

In all, Damian has done over 2000 live stage performances, including co-starring as “Benny”, (over 375 performances) in the Tony and Grammy-award winning Broadway hit, RENT! Damian and second National Tour company, were directed by Tony winning original Broadway director, Michael Grief. His company was nominated for 8 Dora Awards and received major reception by sold-out audiences and press alike.

He then origionated and co-starred as “Mereb”, in Elton John and Tim Rice’s Tony and Grammy award-winning smash hit AIDA on Broadway, (over 950 performances). AIDA is distinguished as the 34th longest running musical of all-time! The cast and Damian received much critical praise playing “Mereb” opposite Heather Headley, (who won the Tony for her role as AIDA), Adam Pascal, Sheri Rene Scott and Idina Menzel. He was also featured on the Grammy winning AIDA cast album.

In addition to performing, Damian has produced and directed over 30 successful stage productions, (several at the world renowned Stella Adler theater in Hollywood, including his new musical, “Divine Lust”). He has created and/or ran several prominent musical theater performing groups for young adults and children for over 20 years. In addition, he has produced several music videos for prominent artists.

Finally, with many years of credits on IMDB, he has produced, acted in and directed nearly a dozen films, (some major hits like “The Take” with John Leguizammo). And as well has orchestrated three of his films, written music and won a Gold award for his film, “Manic”, at the California Film Festival.

Acting guest star credits include past hit TV series CSI: Miami, Charmed, Providence, The Net, The Sentinel, Family Matters and four TV pilots. His diverse career also includes starring in over a dozen national commercials (for Pepsi, Coke, Pringles, KFC, McDonald’s Nike, etc).

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