Nominate a Colleague for NATS National Office

Nominate a Colleague for NATS National Office

The deadline for nominations is Monday, March 20, 2017

NATS is fortunate to have a legacy of fine national leadership and that leadership shapes the direction of our professional association. As a NATS member you are invited to submit suggestions for nominees for the national offices that will be open as of July 2018.

The open offices may include those of president-elect, vice president for membership, vice president for workshops, vice president for auditions, vice president for outreach, and secretary/treasurer.

The national committee of Norman Spivey, Chair, Earl Coleman, Cynthia Dewey, Lloyd Mims, and Martha Randall will recommend candidates for open offices and the slate will receive approval at the 2017 NATS Board of Directors meeting. All members will receive an official ballot in Fall 2017 to cast their official votes.
National Officer Nomination Form
(Access to this form requires login to your NATS account. Your login is the e-mail to which this message was sent. If you require a password reset, click here)
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