Mid Atlantic Governor Election Reminder

2017 Mid-Atlantic Region Governor Election Ballot

The Mid-Atlantic Region Governor Nominating Committee was appointed by Governor Barbara Ann Peters to nominate (a) person(s) to serve as the next governor of the Mid-Atlantic Region. Nominating Committee members are: Jill Lewis (chair), DeMar Austin Neal IV, Deb Thurlow and Brian Nedvin.

The committee has nominated current regional governor Barbara Ann Peters, who is eligible for a second term, and Cheryl Greene as the candidates for your consideration.

REMINDER: The deadline for voting is Friday, March 10, 2017.

If you have already cast your vote, we thank you for your participation.

For those who have not voted, or if you’ve had difficulty accessing the ballot, please follow these steps:

1. Your NATS member login is required. CLICK HERE to access your member home page at www.NATS.org and enter your Member login and password. (Your email address for NATS correspondence is your login.)

2. Click the ballot link and cast your vote: Mid-Atlantic Region Governor Election Ballot

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