Thanks from our President

My thanks to Lucy Hoyt and Carrie Stevens for their work on making this weekend successful. As a former site coordinator, I know just how many details they had to cover, and they did a fantastic job. My thanks to the administration of James Madison University and the countless members of the staff who made us all feel welcome, and provided such a beautiful venue for our Conference and Student Auditions. Lastly, my thanks to the Student-NATS (SNATS) organization. Every time I walked through the hall, I saw smiling faces helping people, or just talking calmly to the nervous students, and their parents!


My sincere thanks to Kathryn Hearden and Gregory Parker for their service to the Virginia National Association of Teachers of Singing (VANATS). Their wonderful enthusiasm, knowledge, and desire to serve the best interests of the membership has truly been a blessing for us all. The time and energy they have given as members of the board, and membership coordinator have made our healthy chapter a stronger one.


I lack the command of the English language to sufficiently express my thanks and gratitude for our outgoing Vice-President, Susan Braden. Diagnosed just weeks after being voted into her office with a rare form of cancer, and given a prognosis of only two to six months, Susan has told the cancer that she’s not done with her work on earth, and has done her job with professionalism, enthusiasm, insight, humor, and joy.



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