NATS Student Audition Updates


In February 2019, the NSA Committee sent a survey to all NATS chapter, district, and region auditions officers.  Responding to their needs and desires to become more inclusive of ALL singers regardless of gender, the NATS Board voted to make the following changes to the NSA regulations:

  1. Audition Category Names have been changed. (click here for complete list: 
    1. Odd-numbered categories (formerly titled “Women”) are changed to “Treble” to include students singing Soprano, Mezzo, Alto, or Countertenor.
    2. Even-numbered categories (formerly titled “Men”) are changed to “TBB” to include students singing Tenor, Baritone, and Bass.
  2. Music theater song literature has been added as an option for one selection of required repertoire.
  3. Improvements to the NATS Audition Rubrics:
    1. Change of scoring descriptors from “Lowest,” “Average,” and “Best” to “Developing,” “Advancing,” and “Accomplished.”
      1. Classical Rubric
    2. Expanded definitions of “Mix” and “Belt” on the Music Theater Rubric
      1. Musical Theater Rubric
    3. Teachers now have access to a Fillable PDF student-information sheet that they can send to all of their students to complete and return, so that teachers have all of the information they will need prior to completing the students’ registrations.
    4. Coming Soon:
      1. A national Contemporary Commercial Music (CCM) Rubric
      2. Classical, CCM, and Music Theater Style Sheets (specific descriptors of individual and varied styles/aspects within each category)

Please access new additions to the NSA Resource Center:


The use of iPads and tablets as musical scores for collaborative pianists during all levels of NATS auditions has been approved and are held to the same standard as any other musical score used for auditions.


Technological advances, which have changed accessibility to music while copyright law has remained stagnant, have created difficult issues for many NATS chapters and regions within our current policy.  In response to these concerns, the NATS National Board met with the NATS lawyer to review and discuss the U.S. Copyright Laws, NATS’ Copyright Policy, and NATS’ liability for copyright infringement.  As a result, the board voted to adopt the new policy as drafted by our lawyer.  We are currently finalizing revisions in the Copyright policy that will affect both the use of Tablets and the verification of all legal music scores.  We have had some delays but hope to send out the new information in the next week.  We believe these changes will allow us to protect NATS while also relieving entities of certain constraints.  


The NATS Advocacy Committee, with the support of the NSA Committee and NATS leadership, is supporting an endeavor to promote diversity in repertoire selection by choosing a different theme biennially. Our first initiative will be vocal music by women composers. We want to encourage the membership to program music by women for the upcoming competition and recital seasons.  Our goal is to advance the repertoire of these composers by strong suggestion rather than by requirement. To that end we offer resources on the NATS website:

Please join us in making this an opportunity to discover, learn, and teach wonderful new repertoire that celebrates the contributions of women composers to our rich song heritage.  We ask all chapters, districts and regions to endorse this initiative and include this information in their 2019/20 audition season communication to their members. Some chapters have already decided to offer a special audition award for the best performance of a composition written by a woman.

We encourage NATS entities to add additional repertoire resources to the information already on the NATS web site by sending it to Loraine Sims, Chair of the NATS Advocacy Committee at

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