Available on-site collaborative PIANISTS for hire

This year pianists will be allowed to play for 12 categories.  The following pianists are available for hire at $50 per category:

Robert Carlson:  carlsorb@dukes.jmu.edu  (434)221-7564,  (Both days). Classical Please contact via email.

Clement Acevedo Email: acevedcb@dukes.jmu.edu Cell: 609-213-4808 (Both days) Prefer Classical, some Musical theatre

Mark Nichols, M.M. nichols_mark_a@hotmail.com 540-434-2337 Home 540-908-8265 Cell (no texting) both days – Classical and/or Musical Theatre – Preferred way of contact: email

Jeremiah Padilla    padilljq@dukes.jmu.edu 305 546-1765  (both days) Preferred way of contact: email (Classical only)

Amy Robertson  amys88keys@va.net (540) 421-7362 (both days)Either classical or musical theatre – Preferred way of contact: email

Stephen Farrar farrarsm@yahoo.com Cell phone: (540) 567-1409 (Both days) Texting is probably the quickest way to reach me, but I can do emails and phone calls as well. (classical- standard repertoire only)

Chyh Shen Low  lowcx@dukes.jmu.edu Cell phone: (513) 638-0139 (Saturday only)

Meng Fei Xu mxu1102@gmail.com (Both days) Preferred contact: email – Classical and Musical Theatre

Tonya Menard menardtm@jmu.edu Cell: 757-544-7138  (Saturday only) Preferred contact: e-mail, but text is OK – Both classical and musical theatre