PARENT guide to auditions

How much will it cost to send my child to the auditions?

Student audition fees are $25 for each category entered.  Students may enter in a classical category, a musical theatre category, or both.  In addition, students will likely have a fee to pay their pianist.  Lastly, students’ pianists will need to use original scores for the audition; if they don’t own the score and cannot borrow it, they will need to purchase it well in advance of their audition.  (Please go here to view the official NATS copyright statement which applies to all NATS conferences.) Of course, there are also the costs of transportation, food and lodging if necessary.

What are the best reasons for sending my child?

  1.  Auditions are a great way to motivate students toward their studies and provide a healthy goal.
  2. Students will receive valuable feedback from three colleague teachers of their own voice teacher.  In the best scenario, this is like getting three voice lessons for $25.00.
  3. This is a great opportunity to perform and to practice audition skills.
  4. As students will likely hear other singers throughout the day, it is a good opportunity for them to gauge their progress and their potential against students of their own age.

Is there a chance that the experience will be discouraging for my child?

Virginia NATS members are instructed to make their remarks constructive but also encouraging.  They are also reminded to keep the age of the individual in mind when making comments.

What happens if my child “places” in his or her category?

If they place in their category and have a score of 90 (out of 100 possible) or better they will receive a small monetary award and are permitted to compete in the Mid-Atlantic regional competition in March.  If they have a score of 90 or better and place first in their category they will be given the opportunity to sing in the final recital of the conference, which serves as the audition for the various superlative awards.  Lastly, even those who do not place in their category but receive a 90 or better (a.k.a. honorable mention) are permitted to compete on the regional level.

What are the requirements for going forward to the regional competition?

All students who receive a score of 90 or better qualify for the regional competition in March.

Should I accompany my child to the auditions?

Please consult your student’s teacher and your child for guidance about this.  It may not be practical for you to be in the room where your child auditions, as some rooms are not large enough to accommodate an audience.

Will my child’s teacher be available to coach my child on the day of the audition?

Generally speaking, teachers are not available to work with their students throughout the day as each teacher serves as an adjudicator.  Your child’s teacher will not be an adjudicator in any of their students’ categories.

In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances, the VANATS Spring Conference and Student Auditions will be canceled only if the policy of the host institution requires it.  In all other cases, events will take place as scheduled.  Notification will be made to the membership in as timely a manner as possible should a cancellation happen.  Events will be rescheduled, if possible. If rescheduled, teacher registration fees, student registration fees and substitute judge fees will be transferable to the new date but not refundable.