STUDENT guide to auditions

Q: How do I register for the auditions?A:  Your teacher will register for you.  This year the registration deadline is January 24, 2020.

Q: How do I know what the repertoire requirements are for my age and level of experience?

A:  Your teacher will help you work though this, but please check with the national website for special guidelines here.

Q:  When will I know what time I sing?

A:  About one week before the conference.  You can receive this information from your teacher.  The length of your audition is determined by the category in which you have been entered.

Q:  When do I need to be there?

A:  The registration desk opens at 7:30 a.m., but you do not have to be there until a half hour before your scheduled adjudication.  The registration desk will be in the lobby of the music building.  I recommend showing up early to take advantage of the free workshops being offered.

Q:  What workshops will be presented?

A: This year Judith Cline will conduct a Feldenkrais workshop and Nicholas Pallesen will be our Master Teacher

Q:  What do I need to do when I arrive?

A:  Check in at the registration desk.  They will ask you to look over your repertory list to see if it is correct.  Your repertory list will be filed under your teacher’s name.  The people at the registration desk can tell you where everything is located.  When you check in, you will be directed to the practice rooms in which you can warm up.  If your accompanist is available, s/he can spend a few minutes with you going over your pieces.

As your teacher will be working as an adjudicator, they will not be available to work with you before your audition.  However, if may be a good idea to have your teacher’s cell phone number with you so that you can contact them.

Q:  What should I wear?

A:  Although adjudicators are commenting on your singing, first impressions are important, so look your best.

Q:  Can I sit in on other students’ auditions?

A:  According to NATS guidelines, all adjudications are open.  However, many of the adjudications take place in small rooms, so you may not be able to fit in.  When possible, students are encouraged to listen to each other’s adjudications and give each other support.

Q:  What do I do when I walk in the room?

A:  Smile and say, “I’m _______ and I’d like to begin with  _______ .” You get to choose your first piece.  The judges will choose after that.  If you run out of time, the judges may cut you off, but don’t worry about it; it doesn’t reflect poorly on you.  When you are finished, say thank you.  You do not need to bow or acknowledge your accompanist.  However, if you win and end up singing in the Honors Recital, please remember to bow and acknowledge your accompanist.

Q:  Why must my accompanist play from the book and not copies?

A:  NATS regulations require it.  You may borrow the book temporarily for the audition, but your pianist must play from an original printed score.  Please go here to view the official NATS copyright statement which applies to all NATS conferences.

Q:  What if I only have a legal download, and not a book?

A:  Your legal download should have a statement that reads, “Authorized for use by [your name])”.  The judges may ask to see it.  Please go here to view the official NATS copyright statement which applies to all NATS conferences.

Q:  What do I do if my accompanist is late?

A:  Do not panic.  The accompanists are tightly scheduled, and occasionally get behind.  There should be a room monitor who can explain to the judges that your accompanist is not there yet, and they will let others go ahead of you while you are waiting.  You will not be penalized for this; it is not your fault.

Q:  When will I find out the results?

A:  The results for each category will be posted about one half hour after the last person in that category has sung.  The results are usually posted in the lobby, near the registration desk.

Q:  What do I do if I win?

A:  There will be first, second, and third place winners in each category.  There are cash awards for those who place in each category with a score of 90 (out of 100) or above:  $40 for 1st, $30 for 2nd, and $20 for 3rd.  The first place winner sings at the Honors Recital, which begins approximately at 6:00 PM on Friday and 3:00PM on Saturday.  Whether or not you win, you should stay for the Honors Recital; it’s an educational experience.  Anyone who scores a 90 (out of 100) or above is eligible to compete at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Conference in March.

Q:  Should I get a good night’s sleep before I go to NATS?

A:  YES.

In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances, the VANATS Spring Conference and Student Auditions will be canceled only if the policy of the host institution requires it.  In all other cases, events will take place as scheduled.  Notification will be made to the membership in as timely a manner as possible should a cancellation happen.  Events will be rescheduled, if possible. If rescheduled, teacher registration fees, student registration fees and substitute judge fees will be transferable to the new date but not refundable.