TEACHER guide to auditions and registration

In order to register your students for the March 1-2, 2019, VANATS student auditions, you will need to renew your dues for both the national NATS organization and VANATS ($25) after October 1. Please click on the word dues in order to read important information about the dues renewal process.

Please note that you will not be able to register your students until this is done. Also note that registration will only be open from January 15 to February 1, 2019. To get you started in selecting literature for your students to sing at the auditions, go here for the repertoire chart.  This year there is a new audition registration process that can be found here. Please check out additional information from the Region about student auditions for more helpful hints.  You can also access important information from the National Website about the new guidelines here.

NEW MEMBERS: Each chapter of NATS throughout the country has its own process for auditions.  Please be patient in learning our “ways.”  Also, please don’t be shy about contacting a VANATS member or board member to get help.   If it seems mysterious and complicated at first, you are not the first to think so.  We are working diligently to make things clearer.  Please email virginianats@gmail.com (attention Susan Braden) to get more information about the registration process.

Please keep in mind.

  1. If you have not paid your national and chapter dues at NATS.org, the registration site will not permit you to register yourself or your students for the conference.  Go to NATS.org, pay your national and chapter dues there, wait over night and then try again.
  2. The pianist’s name for each registered audition is a required field.  You will not be able to complete registration if you have not included a pianist’s name.  Each pianist is permitted to play for up to 12 auditions on Friday and up to 12 auditions on Saturday.
  3. For each student you register you will be required to enter their name, address, phone number, email address, current semester of vocal study and any former teacher names.


In lieu of a banquet this year we will be having a hot food reception between the Friday winners concert and the recital by our guest artist. There will be a $25 fee for the reception and a cash bar for drinks.  You may purchase as many reception tickets as you wish on the “Judge Profile” page of the registration site.  Students, pianists, significant others, and guests are all welcome.  We opted for this since there will be very little turnover time between the winners concert and the recital. This is also a great time to get to know teachers from around the state.

The board is making an effort to clarify copyright issues and hold students accountable for using legally obtained music at their auditions.  As part of the sign-in process this year, students will need to sign off on the following statement.

“I am aware that the NATS copyright policy is applicable at this competition, and certify that I am in compliance with said policy.”

We will be publishing the policy liberally throughout this website.  Click here to see the policy on NATS.org now.

The registration site will be open on January 15, 2019 to receive your conference registration, student audition registrations and payments.  The URL for the site is https://www.nats.org/.  To access a helpful PDF click here for more information.

To get started simply follow the written instructions below.

1)  If you registered for last year’s conference, simply use the same email address and password that you did last year to login.

If you are a long-standing member of VANATS, but have not attended the conference in recent years… Click on the “Forgot Password?” link under the Login section on the main web page. On the Forgot Password page under “Email” enter the email address that you have on record for VANATS and click on the “Send” button. A new password will be sent to the same email address. (If you do not receive a password within a few minutes, please check your email “Spam” folder.) If you still haven’t received a new password, please send an email to: auditionware@yahoo.com and request a new password be sent to you. (Please indicate which Chapter or Region you’re registering students for.)

If you are new to VANATS, follow the instructions above for getting registered, and then use your email address and the provided password to login.

2) Please review the information on the Home page of https://www.nats.org/nsaresources.html Follow the instructions found there to work through the registration process.

Other helpful information about the auditions….

  • All payments are now taken through Paypal, but you do not have to have a Paypal account to make a payment; simply use any major credit card.
  • Any refunds will be given at the conference only.
  • The NATS website has included a rubric and adjudication forms to get an idea how to evaluate the singers.  A video is also available.
  • The general schedule of all our conferences is…
    • Friday – college age auditions, honors concert, hot appetizer reception with cash bar and evening recital by keynote speaker.In lieu of workshops we will have an opportunity to speak with the winners of the poster presentation competition.
    • Saturday – high school and continuing education audition, early afternoon workshop with keynote clinician and then concluding recital beginning at approximately 3:00.
  • This year we will have a winners recital on each day. Superlative awards will also be chosen at each recital.
  • All students who receive 90 points or higher are eligible to sing at the regional auditions in March.
  • Please read carefully through the new categories/repertoire guide.  This is the document that controls everything, and is used through the entire National Student Audition.
  • If you cannot judge BOTH FRIDAY AND SATURDAY of the conference, you will need to find a substitute to judge in your place.  In addition, you will need to pay a $50.00 fee.  The Vice President can be helpful in finding a substitute, but it is your responsibility to see that that is taken care of.  Please understand that this policy is intended to discourage teachers from sending their students to the conference without participating as judges, and that it would be impossible to execute our competition without the faithful participation of our members as judges on both days of the conference.  
  • In the event of inclement weather or other circumstances, the VANATS Spring Conference and Student Auditions will be canceled only if the policy of the host institution requires it.  In all other cases, events will take place as scheduled.  Notification will be made to the membership in as timely a manner as possible should a cancellation happen.  Events will be rescheduled, if possible. If rescheduled, teacher registration fees, student registration fees and substitute judge fees will be transferable to the new date but not refundable.