VANATS Registration up and running!

VANATS student auditions are February 24th and 25th at Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) in Richmond. In order to register, you MUST have paid both your 2017 VA and National dues on the website. Give us a day or two to update our audition site to put you in the system. Your email to sign on the audition site is the email you used to join and pay at All the information about the event – including the new poster presentation opportunity – is on our state site – The audition site is We look forward to seeing most of you this February. If you have moved outside our district of VA, please let Susan Braden know to remove your name from our roster. If any of you have questions, please email Susan through the vanats website or at

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VANATS Poster Presentations


Call for Poster Presentations

VA NATS Conference and Student Auditions

February 24th and 25th, 2017

Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA

Submission Dates:  We will receive submissions from

December 12th, 2016 through January 20th, 2017

VANATS active members in good standing and students are invited to submit proposals for special sessions to be presented at the newly structured 2017 VANATS Conference and Student Auditions. Proposed poster presentations should appeal to both STUDENTS and TEACHERS.  Proposals will be selected by the VANATS Proposal Review Committee.  All proposals MUST be submitted via email to all three of the following: Alison Rizzuto, Katheryn Hearden, and Kevin McMillan

Note: Presenters must be registered for the 2017 VANATS Conference and Student Auditions.  They will be required to provide their own materials (handouts, etc) and will be responsible for any travel and lodging, as needed. Presentations should be related to the voice and voice-related issues. Examples would include: vocal repertoire, acoustics of sound, training specific voice types, pedagogical issues in the studio, etc.

The following items will be required as part of the application process via email:

  • Name and e-mail of one active NATS member we may contact who may verify your expertise in the area you are proposing.
  • A PDF document of a narrative describing the poster in detail (2-page maximum)
  • Poster Presentation Title
  • Presenter Name
  • Employer/University
  • Email
  • Cell Phone
  • Mailing Address
  • Other Phone
  • Website
  • Presenter Bio (maximum of 150 words)
  • Headshot

***Please note that this is different from the Mid-Atlantic Poster Presentations, although you may apply to both***

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First Annual Mid Atlantic Regional Poster Presentations

Do you or one of your graduate students have voice related research you would like to present?  Click here for more details.  Deadline is January 20, 2017.

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President’s Letter

Please read the new President’s letter from Brian that contains important information about the VANATS chapter.

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New Hotel Information

Please check out the new “Hotel accommodations” page on the website.  Remember to act before January 23, 2017 to get these great rates!

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Renew Your Membership!

The 2016 renewal period for your membership in the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS) has begun!  Please note that if you have not renewed your membership, you cannot register your students for VANATS student auditions February 24-25, 2017.

Since the deadline for VANATS this year is January 31, 2017, please renew by January 31!

Each year, the renewal period begins Oct. 1 and continues until Feb. 1. (VANATS members remember to think JAN 31)  NATS membership runs on a calendar year, so your timely renewal ensures that NATS is able to continue to expand its services. By renewing your membership today, it will ensure that you will continue to receive your many NATS benefits, including:

  • A yearly subscription to Journal of Singing, in addition to access to the Journal of Singing complete digital archive on the new
  • A subscription to the weekly e-newsletter Intermezzo
  • A subscription to the semiannual Inter Nos newsletter (spring and fall)
  • NATS activities
  • Discounts to all NATS events
  • The ability to belong to a local NATS chapter
  • Access to participate in Student Auditions at the regional and national level
  • Access to “Members Only” sections of
  • A complete history of all purchases made with NATS, including membership dues renewal, event registrations, chapter dues payments and purchases through the NATS Store.

The online renewal process is simple:

Simply visit the Member Home area and log in using your member credentials (your login is your e-mail address). A button on the home screen will guide you through the online renewal process and allow for easy, secure payment via credit card (Visa or Mastercard) OR check.

Forgot your password? Simply click on the Forgot Password link and yours will be automatically sent to you.

To renew online and pay by check, simply complete the online renewal form, select “Pay by Check,” print your renewal statement from the website and mail the statement with your payment to the NATS National Office.

A late renewal fee of $10 is added to all memberships not renewed by Feb. 1. Members not renewed by March 1 lose all member privileges and must pay a $20 reactivation fee through Sept. 30. Any member reactivating between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31, 2016, will be required to pay a $50 reactivation fee, plus dues for the 2017 season.

After March 1, reactivations must be completed online.

Don’t hesitate to contact our office if you have any questions or concerns about your membership.

Thank you for being a member of NATS!

Amanda Wood – Membership & Program Coordinator or 904-992-9101

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VANATS 2017!!!


VANATS 2017 auditions will be February 24-25, 2017
at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, VA.

MID-ATLANTIC auditions will be March 17-18, 2017 at UNC-Chapel Hill.  Please take a look at the Mid-Atlantic Rules distributed by Barbara Peters, our Regional Governor.

More information will be coming soon and registration will be ready after Thanksgiving.  We look forward to another year of fantastic workshops and great singing!

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2016 NATS Results

2016 National Convention Results – Congratulations VANATS Members!!!

Category V – Lower College Music Theater Women

  • Third Place: Amanda Mason (student of Carrie Stevens)

Category XI – Upper College/Independent Studio Women

  • Second Place:  Zoe Elizabeth McCray (student of Kevin McMillan)

Category XII – Upper College/Independent Studio Men

  • Second Place:  Erik Grendahl (student of Kevin McMillan)

Category XIII – Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

  • Third Place:  Na Ae Park (student of Patricia Miller)



2016 Mid-Atlantic NATSAA Competition Results

First Place, Bridget Moriarty, Soprano
Eligible to compete at the 2016 National Semifinal Auditions in Chicago, IL, July 7, 2016

First Alternate, Colleen Daly, soprano

Second Alternate, Melissa Chavez, soprano (VIRGINIA!!!)


Congratulations to our Honors Recital Scholarship Winners!

Georgia Smith – Reid Alexander Brown Scholarship
Outstanding College (Classical) Woman – Student of Carla Lefevre
Remy Martin – Jane M. Dillard Scholarship
Outstanding College (Classical) Man – Student of Joe Amaya

Amanda Mason – Cate and John Neely Musical Theatre Award
Outstanding Music Theatre Performer –  Student of Carrie Stevens

Tyrese Byrd – John Stoudenmire High School Excellence Scholarship
Outstanding High School (Classical) Male – Student of Thomas Dickinson
Claire Griffin – John Stoudenmire High School Excellence Scholarship
Outstanding High School (Classical) Woman – Student of Kathryn Gresham

All these are eligible to submit an audition video for the National Student Auditions this summer in Chicago. Students listed first.  Teacher in parentheses. Students in BOLD are from Virginia!

IA-1        Lower High School Music Theatre Women

First     Addison Ballew (Brittany Hogan Alomar)

Second            Gigi Juras (Elizabeth La Belle)

Third   Jordan Taylor (Sharon Napes)

Margot Vanyan (Nancy MacArthur Smith)

Savannah Turner (Kathleen Seymour)

Nerys Apple (Kathleen Bell)

IA-2        Lower High School Music Theatre Women

First     Alexandra Gravina (Brittnee Siemon)

Second Veronica Siebert (Glenn Siebert)

Third  Julia Messenger (Cara Transtrom)

Shannon Crowley (Alan Fischer)

Alana Gordon (Sara Woodward Airth)

IB – 1     Upper High School Music Theatre Women

First     Gianna Rini, tie (Elizabeth la Belle)

First     Abbie Weinel, tie (Pauline Edmonds Baldridge)

Second Olivia Coen (Sharon Szymanski)

Third  Maryann Hayden (Melissa JB Chavez)

Rachel Despard (Elizabeth Linnartz)

Georgia Peake (Kathleen Bell)

Julianna Smith (Sara Woodward Airth)

IB-2        Upper High School Music Theatre Women

First     Indianna Watford (Thomas Dickinson)

Second Ellie Dusek, tie (Elizabeth La Belle)

Second Lili Whittier, tie (Sharon Szymanski)

Second Faith Slaughter, tie (Stacy J.P. Bell)

Third   Allie Hargrove (Tina Thompson-Broussard)

Jasmine Holland (Candace Dickinson)

Lauren Chamberlain (Donna Green)


IIA          Lower High School Music Theatre Men

First     Andrew Bonomolo (Charles Higgins)

Second Joe Gaitens (Elizabeth La Belle)

Third   Cavender Holt (Sharon Mapes)

Taylor Lomax (Brittnee Siemon)

Parker Waters (Nancy MacArthur Smith

Tyler Horwitz (Elizabeth La Belle)

IIB           Upper High School Music Theatre Men

First    William Cloud (Silvia Ledon)

Second            Adam LeKang (Amanda Fish)

Third   Dean Kivotidis (Charles Higgins)

Garrett Wilson (Beverly Vaughn)

Kevin Arnold (Thomas Dickinson)

IIIA-1     Lower High School (classical) Women

First    Shannon Crowley (Alan Fischer)

Second      Salleigh Harvey (Brittnee Siemon)

Third   Addison Ballew (Brittany Hogan Alomar)

Margot Vanyan (Nancy MacArthur  Smith)

Hannah Ramsbottom (Shelly Milam-Ratliff)

Alexandra Gravina (Brittnee Siemon)

IIIA-2     Lower High School (classical) women

First     Ellie Fulmer (Laura Thomason)

Second Clara Reeves (Jami Rhodes)

Third Juliet Ortiz (Shelly Milam-Ratliff)

Haley Beaudoin (Meredith Cornwell)

Veronica Siebert (Glenn Siebert)

IIIA-3     Lower High School (classical) Women

First     Clair Griffin (Kathryn Gresham)

Second            Brooke Jones (Alan Fischer)

Third   Zaharah Zaidi (Diane Thornton)

Sanya Shah (Sara Westermark)

Kylie Levoski (Kristen Wunderlich)

Nerys Apple (Kathleen Bell)

IIIB-1      Upper High School Women

First     Charly Anne Roper (Brittnee Siemon)

Second Bonnie Blackwell (Glenn Siebert)

Third   Julianna Smith (Sara Woodward Airth)

Georgia Peake (Kathleen Bell)

  Gianna Rini (Elizabeth La Belle)


IIIB-2     Upper High School Women

First    Brianna Drew (Alan Fischer)

Second Elise Maness, tie (Brittnee Siemon)

Second      Lucy Baker, tie (Sara G. Westermark)

Third  Zoe Woodaman (Toni Crowder)

Leah Shewmaker (Alan Fischer)

Madison Finke (Alan Fischer)


IIIB-3     Upper High School Women

First     Sarah Nalty (Helen Strine)

Second Anna Neely (John Stoudenmire)

Third   Maddie Johnston (Kristen Wunderlich)

Breanna Smith (Joel Gay)

Samantha Latino (Teresa Bledsoe)

Samira Plummer (Samuel Bonds)


IVA         Lower High School (classical ) Men

First     Daniel Hilbourn (Sharon Mapes)

Second Taylor Lomax, tie (Brittnee Siemon)

Second Tristan Dover, tie (Zeb Roberts)

Third   Archie Torain (Lee Whittington Oursley)

Parker Waters (Nancy MacArthur Smith)

Perry Beamer (Elizabeth Daniels)


IVB-1     Upper High School Men

First    Ricky Goodwyn Jr. (Shelly Milam-Ratliff)

Second Michael Perez (Elizabeth La Belle)

Third   Cory Lockhart (Beverly Vaughn)

Caleb Conner (Catherine Alderman)

Jacob Dykstehouse (Corey Lovelace)

Andrew Peters (Jennifer Sieger)


IVB-2     Upper High School Men

First     Tyrese Byrd (Thomas Dickinson)

Second            Calvin Bremer (Adriane Kerr)

Third   Hooper Stevens (Thomas Dickinson)

Jacob Turner (Tom Brunson)

Will Pugh (Zeb Roberts)

Evan King (Catherine Alderman)

Tristan Hines (Samuel Bonds)


VA-1      First Year College/ Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Mariel Zmarzly (Jonathan Doyel)

Second            Jacqueline Fortunato (Carrie Stevens)

Third         Haley Burton (Cheryl Greene)

Emily Brown (Ellen Williams)

Madeline Farmer (Amanda Fish)

VA-2      First Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First    Samantha Shaffer (Mindy Damon)

Second Laura Paruzynski (Jonathan Doyel)

Third   Megan Calkins (Jeffreey McEvoy)

Mour Bahri (Judith Cline)

Katie Ervin (Dorothy Maddison)

VB-1      Second Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Cassidy Hamilton (Polly Butler Cornelius)

Second Maddie Tisdel (Anne Denbow)

Third   Lily Bartleson (Wendy Jones)

Katie Lafemina (Lisa Odom)

Katelyn Soto (Deedy Francis)

VB-2      Second Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First    Amanda Mason (Carrie Stevens)

Second Caroline Bosworth (Valerie MacPhail)

Third  Josephine Miller (Pamela Beasley)

Emlynn Shoemaker (A. Christian Elser)

Rachel Hiester (Jill Terhaar Lewis)


VIA         First Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Men

First           Tres McMichael (Polly Butler Cornelius)

Second Jordan Speas (Marilyn Taylor)

Third   Greer Spotts (Jonathan Doyel)

Jeffrey Todd (John Wright)

Andrew Brodeur (Marilyn Taylor)


VIB-1     Second Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Men

First     Grant Paylor (Polly Butler Cornelius)

Second            John Travis (Mindy Damon)

Third   Garrett Armstrong (Jonathan Doyel)

Wesley Diener (Pamela Beasley)

Carl Bryant (Janine Hawley)

Syed Jaffery (John Wright)


VIB-2     Second Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Men

First     Andrew Poston (Deedy Francis)

Second            Randy Marono-Chai (Donna Green)

Third   Andrew Mullin, tie (Lee Whittington Ousley)

Third   3.Dylan Bougis, tie (Janine Hawley)

Mekhai Lee (Janine Hawley)


VIIA-1   First Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Women

First     Alexandra Fee (Jami Rhodes)

Second      Cecelia Mc Kinley (Carrie Stevens)

Third   Rebecca Travis (Kim Caldwell Powell)

Logan Trotter (Marion Pratnicki)

Stephanie Peek (Jessie Wright Martin)


VIIA-2   First Year College/Independent Studio (classical) Women

First     Chloe Agostino (Jami Rhodes)

Second Ashton Davis, tie (Mark Greenwalt)

Second .Emily Brown, tie (Ellen Williams)

Third  Darby Clinard, tie (Kevin McMillan)

Third  Andrea Newsome, tie (Mira Yang)

Alexandria Mc Neely (Judith Burbank)

Caroline Worthy (Susan Lyle)

VIIB-1 Second Year College/Independent Studio Women

First     McKenzie Anderson (David Templeton)

Second            Amanda Mason, tie (Carrie Stevens)

Second            Jaylin Brown, tie (Kenneth Wood)

Third   Lisa Louw (Rebecca Turner)

Carolyn Bosworth (Valerie MacPhail)

Alexandria Church (Marion Pratnicki)

VIIB-2  Second Year College/Independent Studio (classical) Women

First     Eun Kim, tie (Mira Yang)

First     Julia Deserio, tie (Jondra Harmon)

Second      Taylor Belk (Dorothy Maddison)

Third   Olivia Wells (Tommy Watson)

Emlynn Shoemaker (A. Christian Elser)

Peyton Marion (Glenn Siebert)

Ashley Buffa (James Bumgardner)


VIIA-1 First Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Men

First     Jeffrey Todd (John Wright)

Second Shyheim Hinnant (Kenneth Wood)

Third   Andrew Jacob Smith, tie (Jessie Wright Martin)

Kaegan Fitzherbert (Jennifer Luiken)

George(Max)Singleton (Robert Wells)


VIIIA-2 First Year College/Independent Studio (Classical)Men

First     Zachary Patton (Jill Terhaar Lewis)

Second Christian Burleson (Glenn Siebert)

Third   Brendan Hanks (Caroline Simyon)

Trevor Lamar Davis (Melinda Lein)

Jack Carmichael (Timorthy Sparks)

John Small (Kim Caldwell Powell)


VIIIB-1 Second Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Men

First    Randy Martono-Chai (Donna Green)

Second      Nick Cameron, tie (Simone Vigilante)

Second            John Travis, tie (Mindy Damon)

Third   Baker Lawrimore (Robert Wells)

Syed Jaffery (John Wright)

Daniel Peacock (Lori Hicks)


VIIIB-2 Second Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Men

First     Luke Boehm (Timothy Sparks)

Second            Wesley Diener (Pamela Beasley)

Third   Justin Robinson, tie (Wayne Kompelien)

Third   Bates O’Neal, tie (David Templeton)

Alex Morrison (Chuck Neufeld)

Andrew Poston (Deedy Francis)


IXA-1 Third Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Kimmy Zerega (Lisbeth Brittain Carter)

Second Tori Franklin (Kathryn Gresham)

Third   Ashley Russell (Candice Burrows)

Lori Kusatzky (Janine Hawley)


IXA-2 Third Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Sakkara Turner (Mariana Mihai Zoeter)

Second Chessa Metz (Janine Hawley)

Third         Elena Mulligan (Lisbeth Brittain Carter)

Alex Webster (Wendy Jones)

Mary-Mattison Ballery (Janine Hawley)


IXB-1     Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Mary Beth Cameron (Ellen Williams)

Second      Roxanne Daneman (Candice Burrows)

Third   Savannah-Lee Mumford (Janine Hawley)

Lachune Boyd (Cheryl Greene)

Jessica Bradway (Sally Thomas)


IXB-2 Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Women

First     Beth Hawkes (Janine Hawley)

Second Summer Kiesel (Candice Burrows)

Third   Bridgett Cagle, tie (Sally Thomas)

Third  Sara Cabell, tie (Adelaide Trombetta)

Anna Grace Horne (Tommy Watson)

  Stephanie Blakely (Ruth Foley)


XA Third Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Men

First     Wesley Hudson (Lisa Odom)

Second            Michael Brennon (Mindy Damon)

Third   David La Torre (Deedy Francis)

XB Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Music Theatre Men

First     Jordan Taylor (Lisa Odom)

Second Edward Kluttz (Glenn Siebert)

Third   Steven Bates, tie (Cheryl Greene)

Third  Christian Harward, tie (Kelly Montgomery)

Craig Smith (Tommy Watson)

Caleb Skinner (John Blizzard)

David Nagelkirk (Jill Terhaar Lewis)


XIA-1 Third Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Women

First     Michaela Kelly (James Bumgardner)

Second Madeline Edwards (Louise Toppin)

Third  Alexis Gruber (Michelle Harman-Gulick)

Leah Larson (Liz Dobler)

Amanda Kaiser (Kelsey Kish)


XIA-2 Third Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Women

First     Shafali Jalota (Louise Toppin)

Second Sarah Adams (Louise Toppin)

Third  Olivia Mullins (Carrie Stevens)

Olivia Boddicker (Robert Wells)

Courtney Pourciaux (Deanna McBroom)

Tori Franklin (Kathryn Gresham)

Mica Cline (Melinda Lein)


XIB-1 Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Women

First     Alden Pridgen (Marion Pratnicki)

Second Corinthia Sims (Lori Hicks)

Third   Meagan Schrock (Lisbeth Brittain Carter)

Taryn Wetherington (Jill Terhaar Lewis)

Katie Smathers (Kathryn Gresham)


XIB-2 Fourth/Fifth Year College /Independent Studio Women

First  Zoe Elizabeth McCray (Kevin McMillan)

                                                                                                                                             Second Arianna Rodriguez, tie (Samuel Bonds)

Second Kate Sorrells, tie (Marion Pratnicki)

Third   Katelyn Petticoffer (Christa Habegger)

Mary Beth Cameron (Ellen Williams)

Elizabeth Underwood (Jessie Wright Martin)

Katie Jo O’Neal (Rebecca Turner)

XIIA Third Year College/Independent Studio (Classical) Men

First     Taylor Mason Boone (Marilyn Taylor)

Second Joseph Bowman (Troy Castle)

Third   Ethan Garner (Joseph Amaya)

     Logan Kenison (Brian A. Nedvin)

Wesley McCleary-Small (Carla Le Fevre)

Brandon Paine (Wayne Kompelien)

XIIB-1 Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Men

First    Erik Grendahl (Kevin McMillan)

Second Nathan Strock, tie (Nancy King)

Second Tyler Lewis, tie (Kristen Wunderlich)

Third  Henry Hubbard, tie (Kevin McMillan)

Third   Okawa Tan, tie (Deanna McBroom)

Josh Avant (Deanna McBroom)

Christian Harward (Kelly Montgomery)

Gabriel Kirby (Wayne Kompelien)

Joseph Tan (Deanna McBroom)

Josh Avant (Deanna McBroom)

Christian Harward (Kelly Montgomery)

Gabriel Kirby (Wayne Kompelien)

Joseph Tan (Deanna McBroom)


XIIB-2Fourth/Fifth Year College/Independent Studio Men

First     Remy Martin (Joseph Amaya)

Second Brandon Spencer (Lori Hicks)

Third   Thomas Moyer (Deedy Francis)

Jordan Taylor (Lisa Odom)

Tyrez Dabbs (Brian Arreola )


XIIIA Lower Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

First     Suzanne Karpov , tie (Elizabeth Daniels)

First    Rachel Ackerman , tie (Patricia Miller)

Second LaToya Adams (Tom Brunson)

Third  Katie Sullivan (Dorothy Maddison)

Lauryn Kay (Jennifer Luiken)

Brittany Michaelsen-Mulkey (Patricia Miller )

XIIIB Upper Advanced College/Independent Studio Women

First     Georgia Smith (Carla Le Fevre)

Second            Anjanette Trebing ( Patricia Miller)

Third   Ashley Oliveira , tie (Carla Le Fevre)

Third  Na Ae Park , tie (Patricia Miller)

Third  Jessica Spafford , tie (Dorothy Maddison)

Elise Jenkins (Patricia Miller)

Courtney Lantis (Lisa Odom)


XIVA Lower Advanced College/Independent Studio Men

First    Daniel Smith (Patricia Miller)

Second Roddey Smith (Lisa Odom)

Third   Nicholas Dankner (Robert Wells)

Andrew Huish (Troy Castle)


XIVB Upper Advanced College/Independent Studio Men

First Kaidi Xia (David Parker)


XV Hall Johnson Spiritual Category

First     Corinthia Sims (Lori Hicks)

Second            Zoe Elizabeth McCray (Kevin McMillan)

Third   Brandon Spencer (Lori Hicks)

Daniel Peacock (Lori Hicks)

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President’s Message

Please click here to read a message from our wonderful President, Brian Nedvin.

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Updated Regional Information, March 3, 2016

VANATS members, I hope that your week has not been too stressful as many of you prepare for Spring Break, taxes and the upcoming Regional Auditions.  Susan has been working tirelessly to make sure that all our information has been properly received by National so we owe her a HUGE thanks!

If you are planning on sending students to the Regional Auditions, please register your students today, if possible.  Barbara Peters is expecting huge numbers and she could use the information as soon as possible.  Please remember, that this is a NATSAA year and a Hall Johnson Competition year, so it is more complicated than usual.  Information about registering your students can be found at the MidAtlantic Website.  There are numerous tabs, so I have distilled the information a little here:

Updated letter from Barbara

Auditions website

If you are not bringing your own pianist, here is a list of area pianists, but verify them today because you will NOT be able to register your students if there is no pianist listed.

If you would like to attend the Banquet, you will will need to add $27.50 to the registration fee yourself and pay with PayPal.

Please let us know if we can help in any other way and see you in Charleston!  Kathleen

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